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Herbert von Kaufmann

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Interconnectedness, complexity and permanent dynamics are the prevailing pattern of today's world. Problems can no longer be solved by pure analytics, dealing with uncertainty and indeterminacy requires more than linear approaches.

Replicating or copying concepts gives way to emergence from the interplay of different forces and tensions; creativity and the new emerge above all from people working together.

And that's the beauty, the decidability and shapability, what you have in your hand!

Herbert von Kaufmann

Consulting · Development · Accompaniment

Service portfolio

#Digital Work & Processes - Work Management solutions, consulting, design & implementation

#Project Management - management of complex, multi- and X-functional projects & programs, guidance to get these projects right

#(agile) Portfolio management - Alignment of initiatives & projects to the corporate strategy, agile governance, appropriate use of contemporary platforms & tools

#Strategy & Transformation - teams and organisations

#Organisational Development - Counselling & accompaniment in transformation processes, as well as systemic consultancy & coaching

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Collaboration - Skizze

Guiding Principles

Each organisation, each team has its own specific context and complexity - the framework and space for consideration may be similar, the content cannot be reproduced

In tensions and paradoxes there is power and creativity, to move between the poles situationally, to understand them as enriching and to make them usable is, in my opinion, worthwhile

Often the path is the goal, because that is exactly what leads to the goal. For me, the compass is to always keep an eye on the whole and the why.

In my opinion, the use of digital state-of-the-art tools should be a matter of course. For many tasks, it forms the basis for leaving efficiency behind and concentrating on impact and added value. Even more, in my experience, it opens up new spaces for communication, collaboration and co-creation


Mathematician, many years of consulting, project management and leadership experience in the management consultancies of PwC, IBM and KPMG, and later in a leading role for strategic projects at MLP Finanzberatung. One of the few leading pioneers in digital work management platforms at enterprise level.

Pioneer and thought leader in digital work management platforms at enterprise level.

Partner within the network of the systemic consultancy Andy Duke, several years of education in systemic organisational development and coaching, ongoing active role within the systemic community of Studio 16.