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Herbert von Kaufmann

Project Management

adjustment & management of complex projects

Problem Statement

The idea that projects lead to success if you only plan in enough detail, control precisely and inform sufficiently is an illusion. And it makes almost no difference whether you use the traditional waterfall approach, agile Scrum and sprints, or hybrid SAFe® .

Especially when it comes to X-functional, multi-level projects, in which a solution or a target image has yet to emerge as a project component, you are already in complexity.

This is about communication, participation, competence in dealing with conflicts, seeing what is (transparency, face reality), and of course also about a suitable project process, necessary structures, responsibilities, and decision-making.

My Services

  • Advice on ongoing project work and management across all levels including C-level
  • Review/ Adjustment of ongoing project
  • Support for decision-making and steering committees
  • Sparring partner for the project leadership
  • Operational project management

My expertise in relevance to the topic

25 years of experience in project management of complex, company-wide or cross-company projects, from IT and ERP migration and implementation projects in the early years, to M&A and strategy projects and company-wide transformation processes. X-functional, X-business & IT, international, extensive group experience, impact at all levels

  • Long-term expertise in management and organisational consulting (e.g. PwC, IBM and KPMG) - 10 years application development and implementation SAP, then 8 years management and strategy as well as M&A
  • Management of a cc unit "Strategic Projects" at MLP Finanzberatung
  • Appropriately extensive experience of managing projects​ (simple to X-functional and complex, merger and post-merger, with or without external involvement) and the information and control needs at all levels of an organisation.
  • Extensive experience with a wide range of approaches and procedures in project management
  • Systemic expertise, of high relevance for communication, conflict resolution and decision-making processes, and a contemporary, expanded understanding of teams and organisations
  • Extensive expertise with transformation processes in organisations also from a systemic process perspective
  • Almost 10 years of experience with work management platforms - selection, piloting and implementation for the various application fields - more here.
  • Thought leader and co-designer of the next generation of work management platforms in the enterprise environment - special expertise and insights into the KanBo platform

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